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You were born to make an impact. My mission is to get you there!


My mission in life is to connect people to their passion, purpose and highest potential! I truly believe that when you are fully connected to your gifts and strengths, you not only lead a truly fulfilling and meaningful life, but you also create an infinitely far-reaching positive impact on everyone and everything around you.

That's why I am dedicated to your success – in all areas of your career and life.

As your Career Development and Transitions Coach, I partner with you to:

◆  Clarify your professional and personal dreams and goals – for both paid work and "life's work"
◆  Identify and build on the strengths, networks and resources you have, and those you need to develop
◆  Create a detailed and achievable action plan and effective tools for accomplishing your goals
◆  Move forward to turn your passion into action!

I also extend this work to an organizational level, providing coaching services, workshops and webinars to nonprofits, universities and other organizations in order to promote positive change and development in people's lives.

As the Spanish poet Antonio Machado said, "The path is made by walking." Take the first step toward realizing your full potential, creating a meaningful life, and making the impact you were born to make: contact me for your free 30-minute consultation and mini goal-setting session today ... and get started on creating your new path!


Ruth Kunstadter, MA, BCC

New Pathways Coaching, LLC