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What's your mission in life?


Mine is to connect people to their signature strengths and their highest potential, so they can achieve

their dreams. And I truly believe that when people are fully connected to their talents, their strengths

and their purpose, the world is a better place.

As a long-time teacher, program developer and trainer; a mom of three (including one child with special

needs); a speaker of several languages; and a Gemini who always sees all the possibilities, I've spent my life

identifying and championing the unique qualities, strengths and potential in each and every individual.

I also know what it's like to be pulled off my path ... or at least, what I thought was my path! I certainly

found out that life is what happens in the "detours" – along with huge growth and an entire universe of

possibilities. This is why I'm passionate about working with people at all stages of their lives and careers, from

"just starting out" to "midlife/mid-career transition" to "what do I want to do with the rest of my life?"

For me, my path – and all my detours – have brought me to coaching, allowing me to combine all my strengths,

my passions, and my love of people, potential and possibilities. I am inspired by working with individuals and

groups of all ages and backgrounds; I am also dedicated to working with nonprofit organizations to provide

coaching to the populations they serve, and have provided career and professional development coaching through organizations such as AmeriCorps and the New Start Career Network of Rutgers University.

Bottom line: my mission in life is to connect you to yours, and to work with you to get you there.

Ready to start? I am!

Ruth Kunstadter  

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