"Ruth nails it with a fresh perspective for successfully nurturing your professional and personal life.

Having worked in the television industry for ten years, I had experience working with several

professional coaches in NYC; however, Ruth's approach is very personal and disrupts conventional

practices because she offers an innovative approach to prioritizing and managing life so you can

find your sanity, improve your health, get more done, and accomplish your dreams."


"My dream was to return to the career I loved after raising three children. I was scared I would have to

start at the bottom, but Ruth provided reassurance that we could identify transferable skills, reframe

my professional image and shift my confidence level to not settle.  Ruth used a collaborative approach

and a wide range of coaching techniques. We built trust immediately, which allowed her to uncover

my core values and signature strengths. She gave me a firm push when I needed it,

and a good laugh when I doubted myself."



"My work with Ruth has profoundly changed my approach to family and career. Her deep insight

and practical solutions shifted my thinking and guided me to making my dreams a reality. We worked together for three months and after that period I not only found a great job to re-launch my career but I took the first steps to improve living a more healthy and balance life."



"I am forever grateful to Ruth, and this testimonial may not adequately express

what a gifted and compassionate coach she is."


"Ruth facilitated a career coaching group that I was a member of. Ruth was very effective at cultivating
an atmosphere of trust that enabled all group members to be fully engaged and cohesive. Ruth was a constant source of positive feedback, which enabled everyone to remain encouraged, motivated, and supportive of one another. Ruth had a remarkable ability to offer perceptive insight. Ultimately, the purpose of our group was to enable members to transition from unemployment to employment. In this regard, Ruth deserves credit for our 100% success rate. One month after the coaching sessions ended,
all group members were employed. Most importantly, the group members came to believe in
themselves because Ruth genuinely believed in us. I highly recommend Ruth as a Career Coach!"